Snowboard winch jam at American Junkie
winch sesh
the second build
the first build
improv winch platform at Roosevelt
Ben driving
Chewy winch skatin’
the Winchmaster 5000’s personal 11HP winch
rockin the Filtrates
Martini Ranch rail jam
2 am arrival in Bullhead City for the 2011 River Regatta
pulling the Huge Air comp at Big Surf 2011
Carriage Lane sesh
flood irrigation winchin’
display booth at Big Surf
waitin for the crew
marking our cove



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  1. Hey guys, im new to the winching sport, and ive been looking for a chill spot to ride where I can ride and practice tricks without worrying about cops, now I know your not suppose to talk about spots, but from looking at your that pond at what looks like a park looks awesome, is there anyway you can tell me the location of that spot? ill give you my word that ill be respectful and not blow up the spot,
    sincerely, Nate

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