Ready to order your winch?

You may have noticed there is no “purchase” link on our site but were working on it. In the mean time, please send us an email, include your address, phone number, and whether were shipping to a business or residence, and we’ll send a Paypal invoice to you. You DO NOT need a Paypal account to purchase your winch and your purchase is protected by both Paypal and your card provider.

The Science Channel teams up with Phoenix Winch!

We were recently contacted by Hoff Productions who needed a winch for an upcoming episode of What Could Possibly Go Wrong? After some negotiating we decided that renting our winch would work best for their needs and would get our brand on national television. Needless to say we are super excited and filming is going down today, Wednesday April 22, 2015. We’ll certainly tell you when to catch the episode later this summer!

Still alive and kickin’

Well hello lovely people! Phoenix Winch LLC will enter it’s fifth year in business during 2015 and we couldn’t have done it without YOUR support! We’re crazy busy like anybody so please be patient if it takes a couple of days for us to return your phone call or reply to your email. Rest assured that if you are in the market for a wakeboard winch- Phoenix Winch will build one just for you.

Winchin’ tips

1. Check the landing (depth, obstructions, and distance)

2. When scouting, observe local traffic for timing (don’t rush something risky)

3. Keep an eye on gas and oil

4. Be respectful when approached by authority, give the sport a positive name

5. Pack it in, pack it out

6. Secure the winch (better safe than sorry)

7. Every crew member needs to serve a purpose

8. Prepare for delays

9. Allow distance from landing or stopping point to winch