Who are we?

I’m Ryan, the owner. I started wakeboarding in 1996 and almost immediately acquired a taste for urban wakeboarding. My dad used to drive our old Dodge Ramcharger down along the canals in Glendale, AZ with me in tow on my wakeboard gliding across that nasty water and I couldn’t get enough. In 2012 I became the Arizona State Wakeskate Champion- Men’s Division, sanctioned by the AWA. I first learned about wakeboard winches in 2008 but was astonished to find only one online for over $3,000. I just didn’t have the scratch, but I did have the skills to make one. Almost immediately afterwards I came across a homemade winch at Bartlett Lake and found the website wakeboarding-winch.com. I decided to build my own. Little did I know at the time, that myself and the folks I was sharing ideas with would become the top wakeboard winch companies of present day. As others did, I tested my winch and found out there was room for improvement. So I built another one, then another one, until I found the right combination of components and frame design. After building and selling a few winches locally, I branded Phoenix Winch, LLC in 2010. I realized that I could provide wakeboard winches better than what was available at the time. As soon as our web site went live we started getting orders.


Why buy from Phoenix Winch?

You’ll find we do things differently here at Phoenix Winch. We use high quality, discounted parts and use cost effective, experienced labor, passing the savings on to you. The last seven years have proven that Phoenix Winch has the highest customer satisfaction of any winch company. We provide tech support for our customers well beyond their warranty periods. Customers can text pictures of their issue to us 24 hours a day. Our experience makes it easier to know exactly what makes a winch perform at it’s maximum potential. And come on, who doesn’t like our logo?


Just what is a winch?

Winches create unique boarding opportunities almost anytime, anyplace. Whether you’re riding a wakeboard, wakeskate, snowboard, skim board, surfboard, skateboard, mountain board, freeboard or other board, winching allows you to go where no board has gone before. Gone are the days of staring at a serene pond nestled within the big city simply dreaming of shredding the gnar, that dream my friends- is a reality. How about the snow-covered field that had you wishing for a drop in so you could hit a nearby rail- now you can turn that field into a terrain park.

The basic winch is a stationary machine with anywhere from 600’ to 2000’ feet of line and a wakeboard handle that reels a rider toward it at speeds up to 35 mph. It requires an operator or driver to control the speed and of course a rider on his or her favorite board. The price of a winch is hardly a fraction of the price of a boat and it is far more fuel efficient. With virtually no impact on the environment and the ability to change your runs pull after pull you’ll find it almost impossible to commit any sins while riding a Phoenix Winch.

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  1. I’m a surfer and would love to get toad into some waves by one of these guys. I was wondering how fast the 13hp engine would go towing a 175 pound person.

  2. I am looking to buy a winch from you guys because it seems the most affordable new winches that are simple. What would you suggest a 200lb rider that has wakeboarded probably for about 4 years? How much would it cost for the winch and how much to ship to north Dallas approx?

  3. Hey was just wondering what kind of engine the two headed monster has? Not the hp, where the engine came from, brands.. etc. Very interested in the two headed monster and just want to know a little bit more specifics, cheers.

  4. Hey Phoenix winch I’m looking foward to buy 3 winches from you this summer I’m starting a wakeskate/wakeboard camp im located in south Florida (Miamibeach) ! Website will be coming soon ! Have a few question concerning the winches would there be a package deal or a discount on buying more then 2/3 at once ! Also are your winches gas only or mixed! Thanks for your time

  5. Hey, I have a 12HP engine and rope, what would the cost of ordering a torque converter, spool, wheeled frame, and chain be from you guys? Assembled or unassembled. I live in Canada. Thanks!

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